If you're looking for cocktails, O'Connor's Public House is the only place to go. Who doesn’t love a good mixed drink? We realize that not everyone is a fan of beer and that’s why you can count on us to mix up good old classics along with some fresh drinks. Our reputation in happy hour drinks was built on meeting your taste. We offer incredible variety in White Plains, NY.

At O'Connor's Public House, our selection is unrivaled and you always get value for the price. No one can match our menu and we always live up to your demands. With our outdoor bar, we know you'll be more than happy with the beverage. You can enjoy some cocktails in our garden area.

Let us know if you’re thirsty and how we can help. If you have any questions about our bar, don't hesitate to ask. For a place that offers outdoor bar seating, get in touch with O'Connor's Public House today.